17 February 2013

Weekly Menu & Shopping List

I have been planning a weekly menu for our meals for about 2 months now, and have been able to cut our grocery shopping bill in half! Just by doing better planning! I think that is amazing. My husband and I both work full time jobs and had gotten in the habit of cooking what ever was quick and easy. We were grocery shopping every night, because we would forget to take something out of the freezer. When you shop nightly you ALWAYS end up spending more than if you were to go once a week. Unfortunately our grocery store is only a short distance from our house, so it became easy to go nightly.
We are both proud to say that we have stopped that bad habit. We have been eating and cooking delicious new foods and trying new recipes. It has been a great experience for us all. We actually got the motivation from my dear friend over at Modern Homesteading: Maine-ah Style. She did a pantry challenge to start off the new year, feel free to check it out. Let me know if you decide to take up the pantry challenge and how it works for you. I have really enjoyed trying new recipes based on what ingredients I have on hand.
One thing that I have been looking for and finally decided that I could just make myself using photo shop is a weekly menu and shopping list all in one. Something pretty. This is what I came up with, and there are 2 more in the works. I couldn't wait to share these with you though!

You can download them for free here:
menu 1
menu 2

They are sized to print on standard copy paper.



Rebecca said...

Thanks for linking up on the blog hop! I'm now following your blog. Stop by and say hi sometime!


Amy said...

Thanks Rebecca!! Will do :)

Marie bloominghomestead said...

Love it! I am all about anything that helps keep me organized! Thanks so much for linking up this week.

Amy said...

Glad you like it Marie, and thanks for stopping by!!

Steph @ somewhatsimple said...

I love this! I am saving it to feature! :)

Amy said...

Thanks Steph!!!

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