01 March 2013

Beauty, Aging, and St. Patrick's Day Subway Art

I can't believe that tomorrow is March 1st! Where does the time go? 

This morning,  I found wrinkles around my eyes. And on my forehead. I wanted to cry, for real. A week ago, I had my niece and nephew for the day since we were all on school vacation. My niece O said it "makes her uncomfortable to talk about gray hair, but Auntie you have a lot!" Umm, thanks? And O- it makes me uncomfortable too!

What is it about becoming older that is so scary? I know for me, it's the surprise as I realize I'm really not 22 anymore. Sometimes I forget. So, it's always the shock that "oh my goodness, I have wrinkles on my forehead! I can't have wrinkles, I'm too young to have wrinkles! Oh, right I'm 37. " GAH!  When I turned 37, as a joke my youngest told me I was "old and grody", but seriously that's what society tells us. I know that is what every magazine with a supermodel {age 16} on the cover, with her {age 16} body and {age 16} skin says to me... You are old a grody if you don't look like me.....Well I want to say, "Soon enough you'll look like MEEEEeee....Hehehehe. I know that my dear friend AM is going to remind me {any minute now after reading this} in her loving way, that I am beautifully and wonderfully made. Do you know that you are BEAUTIFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE?? You are!!!! 

In the past gray hair was considered a crown of glory, a reminder of wisdom and experience. What happened to that? Why as women, do we fight aging tooth and nail. Why do we not REALLY BELIEVE that we are beautifully and wonderfully made when the AM's in our lives tell us? To be honest though,  I'm no different. You better believe that before I went back to work on Tuesday, my hair was freshly dyed and I guarantee that by the end of March this week, I will have an arsenal of wrinkle fighting creams at my disposal. Someday I will face the fact that I'm not 22 anymore, but not today. And I will try to remind myself that yes, I am beautifully and wonderfully made.  

 photo StPatricksDayPrint.jpg

St. Patrick's Day is almost here, do you celebrate? Do you decorate? We typically do not do much more than cook the traditional boiled dinner. So I would love to know what you do! I made you a cute new subway art printable to use in your holiday preparations! Hope you like it! You can download it here.  

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Marie bloominghomestead said...

Love the subway art, thanks so much for linking up. And yes...discovering those first few wrinkles is so not fun!

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